Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur – Rajasthan’s Premier Healthcare Destination

When it comes to world-class healthcare facilities in Rajasthan, Fortis Escorts Hospital in Jaipur stands tallest. This multi-super specialty hospital has consistently ranked among the best medical institutions in the state and indeed all of Northern India.

What Makes Fortis Escorts #1 in Rajasthan?

Clinical Excellence: Fortis Escorts has a highly experienced and renowned team of doctors, surgeons and medical professionals who are counted among the best in their respective fields. Their expertise enables the hospital to handle the most complex cases across specialties with a high success rate.

Advanced Medical Technology: The hospital houses cutting-edge medical equipment and technology for diagnosis and treatment including high-end MRI and CT scanners, hybrid cath labs, advanced radiation therapy facilities, and surgical robotic systems. This allows access to the latest medical procedures.

Comprehensive Specialties: Fortis Escorts provides treatment for the entire range of medical specialties including cardiac sciences, orthopedics, neurosciences, organ transplants, advanced oncology, and more under one roof.

Quality Patient Care: The hospital follows global benchmarks for quality healthcare delivery, evidenced by its accreditations from major international bodies. It emphasizes personalized care, patient comfort, and emotional support.

Medical Research & Academics: As a leading healthcare institution, Fortis Escorts actively participates in pioneering medical research studies and clinical trials. It also runs academic programs for training medical professionals.

Outstanding Patient Outcomes: Thanks to its clinical strengths, advanced infrastructure, and ethical practices, Fortis Escorts consistently delivers excellent treatment outcomes across various procedures and specialties.

The Jaipur facility is the flagship hospital of the Fortis Healthcare group in Rajasthan. Patients from across the state and neighboring regions place their trust in Fortis Escorts for receiving world-class medical care without having to travel out of Rajasthan. The hospital’s top-ranking is a testament to its position as the premier healthcare destination in the state.

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