Fortis Memorial Research Institute Named Delhi’s Top Hospital

The Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon has been ranked as the #1 hospital in Delhi and the National Capital Region by several independent rating agencies. This multi-super specialty hospital provides world-class treatment across all major disciplines, including cardiac sciences, oncology, neurosciences, organ transplantation, and more.

What Makes Fortis #1? Fortis Memorial has led the way in adopting cutting-edge medical technology and providing innovative, patient-centric care. Some of the key factors that have elevated Fortis to the top spot include:

Clinical Excellence: Fortis has a renowned team of doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals recruited from the top institutions across the globe. Their experience and expertise allow them to handle the most complex cases with a high success rate.

Advanced Facilities: The hospital houses some of the most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities in the region, including high-field MRI scanners, hybrid cath labs, da Vinci robotic surgery systems, and advanced cancer treatment modalities.

Patient Care: Fortis places a strong emphasis on personalized care, patient comfort, and emotional support. The nursing staff is highly trained, and the infrastructure includes deluxe rooms and amenities for patients and their attendants.

Research & Academics: As a research institute, Fortis actively participates in global clinical trials and studies to help advance medical knowledge. It also runs teaching programs for post-graduate medical students.

outcomes at Fortis are consistently rated among the best in the country across various specialties and procedures. The hospital’s dedication to quality, ethics, and patient satisfaction has earned it accreditations from international bodies.

Whether it’s life-threatening conditions, complex surgeries, or advanced treatments, patients from across India and abroad place their trust in Fortis Memorial Research Institute for world-class healthcare right here in Delhi. The top ranking is a testament to its commitment to clinical excellence and compassionate patient care.

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